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Form Submission – Petition – Foreign Policy – Israel – 20170112

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Dear President-elect Trump,

The Republican Jewish Coalition and the undersigned want to thank you for all you have already done to stand up to President Obama and the U.N. and their outrageous attacks on Israel. We also applaud your efforts to start rebuilding our close ties with Israel.

One of the most important things you have done to begin rebuilding those relations is your promise to move the United States embassy in Israel to the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem. You have gone beyond just words by nominating David Friedman to be the next ambassador to Israel and reportedly looking at suitable sites for the new embassy.

We place U.S. embassies in the capitals of all other nations we have diplomatic relations with, and by extending the same recognition to Israel, we show the world that the U.S. and Israel stand shoulder to shoulder with no apologies.

As you move forward in your Presidency, we are here to help strengthen and enhance the U.S.-Israel relationship in any way possible.

Congratulations on your upcoming inauguration!

The Republican Jewish Coalition